All Sports Funding is a Win-Win for your Team! 

All Sports Funding was developed to help teams and families offset the ever-increasing costs of kids participating in sports and music.

All Sports Funding (ASF) is a company made up of moms and dads who have kids that play sports; and we understand the monetary commitment it takes to have your child take part in sports and music programs!  We developed this fundraiser platform to help teams and families reduce the high costs associated with participating in these programs, while providing families with a convenient way to reduce the rising costs of healthcare.  It’s a win-win, and TOGETHER, we can help!

If you are a parent of a child in sports or music, you feel the impact of these rising costs, season after season.  In order to meet the monetary demand for equipment, uniforms, travel expenses and venue costs, fundraising is an integral part of maintaining a program within your school or league.  The problem with most fundraisers is the fundraising product itself is often of little value to the supporters.  Whether it is selling cookie dough, popcorn tins, coupon books, or candles…parents and neighbors are tired of purchasing these fundraising items year after year.  Another downside of traditional fundraisers is the ‘one-time’ benefit of the campaign.  The fundraising effort your child makes results in a single monetary contribution for the team.  Many times this is simply not enough funds to carry the team throughout the entire season; but in many leagues, the team is unable to participate in additional fundraising events!  This can be a substantial problem for the organization, and the kids suffer. 

All Sports Funding answers BOTH traditional fundraising issues: 

  • First, we chose ASF Telemedicine as the product or service for fundraising. If you have ever missed a day of work to bring your child to the doctor for a simple prescription, you will greatly appreciate our Telemedicine service.

ASF Telemedicine member benefits include:

- Access to a nationwide network of board-certified doctors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

- The convenience of making a phone call or video conference instead of traveling to a crowded walk-in clinic or emergency room.

- No costly emergency room visits on nights or weekends, for non-emergencies.

- No waiting days or weeks for an appointment at your doctor’s office.

- No paying expensive co-pays or meeting unrealistic deductibles.

  • Second, our Telemedicine fundraiser has a residual donation effect. Instead of a one-time contribution, ASF continues to give money to the team each month you remain an active member!

This is truly a WIN-WIN fundraiser for all!  Please join us in helping your family and helping your team!

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