How this Fundraiser works for your team?

Signing up for ASF Telemedicine service is simple:

  1. Enter your team code and click “Subscribe Now”
  2. Enter your name, address, phone number and date of birth
  3. Enter your credit card information

Upon submitting your information, you will receive a welcome email. The email will provide you a link to go set up your unique username and password and update your medical history. Please print the card located within your welcome email and keep the card in your wallet or purse for quick reference.

Your credit card will be charged only $9.99 each month you wish to remain an active member.  This is more than a 50% savings on most Telemedicine providers, and nearly a third of the monthly fee will be received by your team as fundraising dollars!

You may cancel at any time, no questions asked.  Please do not contact your bank to cancel your membership. 

Your membership is on a month-to-month basis.  You may cancel at any time by calling the phone number on your Welcome email, or simply clicking the Cancel button on your profile page, and you will not be charged the following month – no questions asked. 

We believe, however, that once you use our Telemedicine service and see the convenience and cost savings of no co-pay or deductible, we are certain you will want to keep this essential service available to you and your family. 

A monthly report will be sent to the team representative with a list of members that have subscribed with your team’s code. 

A “Win-Win”:  You receive a valuable Telemedicine service at less than half of the retail cost and the team receives a monthly contribution on your behalf.  Together, everyone wins!

Please pass this along to friends and family by social media and email!  Simply give them our website URL and your Team Code.        Your child’s team will benefit from each new member that signs up for ASF Telemedicine! 


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